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Nightmare in Childhood

우도 ! 우리 마을이 사라졌어. 

우도!  너는 무슨 꿈을 꾸니?

우도!  그들이 짐승처럼 꼭두각시처럼 입히고 먹이고 가르치려 했어.

우도!  그림도 아니고 실제였어. 


아니, 나는 어린시절이 행복했어.

아니, 나는 너무 어렸어. 기억이 잘 안나.

아니, 입막음당했어.

아니, 나는 정신상담을 결코 받아 본적 없어. 


Udo, our village is gone. 

Udo, what do you dream about? 

Udo, They tried to dress, feed, and teach us like animals and puppets.

Udo, It wasn't a painting, it was real.


No, I had a happy childhood.

No, I was too young. I can't remember.

No, I was silenced.

No, I've never been to psychiatric counseling.

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